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Instructions for today’s simulation… 1. Go onto 2. Click “Wiki Activity” which is under “On the Wiki” 3. Under “Recent Wiki Activity”, select “See All Activity” 4. Click the link to the page of the fruit you were assigned 5. Click the purple “edit” button and you will be able to write a paragraph about your assigned fruit 6. We are asking you to hyperlink any other fruit in the basket that has a similarity or difference to your fruit. Also hyperlink a picture of your fruit from Google.

How do I hyperlink? 1. Highlight the word you want to hyperlink 2. Click the hyperlink button next to the italics button 3. Type in the name of the fruit you are hyperlinking (it should appear in a dropdown list below) 4. Click the back arrow (pointing to the left, next to the hyperlink symbol) to save your hyperlink 7. Click “publish” when you are done 8. You can go back to the “Wiki Activity” Page where you initially found your fruit to explore other people in the EDUC 301 community’s pages!

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This is our class' very own fruit basket. Our online fruit basket contains information on various fruits such as strawberries, bananas, apples and so much more!

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The fruit basket

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